uHoo Indoor Air Monitor: an in-depth review

uHoo Indoor Air Monitor: an in-depth review

People assume themselves safer in their houses from pollution. Nevertheless, it is a myth. Indoor air pollution is a silent killer. It doesn’t show any imminent signs of its presence. People sense its presence in case of allergies and other health side effects. Most of the time, it goes unnoticed. The air pollutants range from dust to high levels of humidity affecting the quality of indoor air. House is a confined place; it traps different chemicals and gases emitting from household cleaners and electric devices.

Maintenance of indoor air quality is imperative for good health. Some folks are aware of indoor air pollution. However, they don’t know how to tackle this issue. To regulate indoor air pollution, you can use uHoo indoor air monitor.

Let’s find out what this indoor air monitor has to offer.

Quick Summary

It sounds frightening that pollution has peeped inside our houses. Do you want an easy solution to improve your indoor air quality? Do you want to create a healthy and safe atmosphere at your home for your loved ones? uHoo indoor air monitor is a solution for your pollution woes. The reason is that it analyses air quality and has a climate control meter that keeps you updated about the air quality around you.

Moreover, it has a powerful 9 sensors. They work tirelessly for you and your loved ones. Additionally, it also provides the synchronization of multiple devices for your convenience. So what are you waiting for? This indoor air monitor is a completely automatic device. You can use IFTTT channels to use it. It easily synchronizes with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Roomba, and Nest. Furthermore, its sensors notify you about climatic changes in your indoor unit. Smart uHoo app gives you helpful suggestions. However, these suggestions have the simplest solution to air quality management.

uhoo indoor air monitor

uHoo Indoor Air Monitor – Design & Build

The sleek design of this indoor air monitor complements your office desk or home décor. Unlike convention bulky devices, it is barely larger than a mug of coffee. You can place the portable design on any table, be it an office home or a classroom.

Conventional air monitors do not provide a detailed overview of air quality. They do not show the statistics of air particulates. In older versions of air monitors, you can never know what’s going around you. The uHoo model of air monitoring devices claims to provide a detailed insight into your indoor climate. This air monitor has modified and powerful sensors. These sensors are used to detect microparticles and traces of impurities.

uHoo Indoor Air Monitor – Features

We assume our homes as safe heavens. However, we are experiencing more and more allergies, respiratory and inflammatory health issues. These issues are arising due to poor air quality at our homes. The uHoo indoor air monitor analyses air quality and inform you about the degradation. Consequently, you can correct those issues to maintain healthy atmospheric air quality at home. These minor changes can improve your health drastically.

This Air Monitor is a perfect choice for monitoring indoor air monitoring. It monitors the CO2 and particulate levels. Now you don’t need to worry about the impurity of air anymore. Additionally, this indoor air monitor helps you to create a safe environment at your home.

9 in 1 Air detection technology

uHoo indoor air monitor contains 9 sensors that work round the clock to observe air quality. It updates its users about alarming air conditions with precision. These updates help you to take steps for improved air quality. These sensors measure the following factors to measure air quality

  • Indoor temperature change
  • Levels of humidity
  • Carbon dioxide concentration
  • VOCs concentration
  • Dust Particles
  • Harmful gases such as Nitrogen dioxide
  • Air pressure
  • Ozone

Most advanced Indoor Air Monitor

This indoor air monitor is built-in with state of the art technology. It smartly monitors indoor air quality and keeps you updated. Furthermore, it notifies you by regular updates of indoor air conditions at synchronized devices.

Elegant and Portable design

This indoor air monitor is a portable device. Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry. Its white marble look makes it a perfect piece of home decor.

uhoo indoor air monitor1

Smart operation

This air monitor has a high-performance ARM-based processor that uses smart technology. This makes it a perfect partner for automatic air purifiers and thermostats. You can measure and track air quality through the uHoo mobile application. Hence, the uHoo mobile app offers different tools and tips to improve air quality. The application has the following features.

  • Maintenance of data records to track down the air quality
  • Customized monitoring options
  • Alarms and alerts in case of air quality degradation
  • Data sharing with paired devices


uHoo indoor air monitor is a high-tech device in its mode of working. However, it is super easy to operate. Unbox your device and plug-in to the power supply. Connect the device with Wi-Fi and install the uHoo application on your smartphone. After these simple steps, you will get updates about the air quality around you. Hence, uHoo indoor air monitor works 24/7 to help you maintain healthy air quality.

Customer Care Service

uHoo indoor air monitor is easy to operate and maintain indoor air monitor. uHoo offers a 1-year warranty to facilitate its customers. You can use customer support to address any concerns about the product.

Pros and cons:

  • Practical and portable design
  • Easy to use
  • 9 sensors for precise measurements
  • IFTTT integration technology
  • Multiple synchronization options
  • May exhaust after a couple of years due to continuous usage
  • Slightly expensive

uHoo Indoor Air Monitor – Performance

Indoor air pollution is a serious issue and we should deal it with caution and care. uHoo indoor air monitor contains 9 sensors to detect the slightest of the changes in the indoor atmosphere. It also warns you about the rise in any of the harmful compounds. For instance, high levels of volatile organic compounds cause allergic reactions. Therefore, uHoo application alarms you about the raised concentration of VOCs.

You can reduce VOC concentration by opening windows and doors for the quick circulation of air. Similarly, different kinds of pollutants and allergens can accumulate in our houses. These harmful pollutants do not show any visible signs. For example, high levels of carbon dioxide affect your respiratory system. Nevertheless, its signs are invisible unless you experience some damage. However, uHoo indoor air monitor allows you to monitor air quality through uHoo app. You can keep an eye on the indoor atmosphere of your home any-time and anywhere.

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Compatibility with Smart Home Devices

uHoo indoor air monitor is a blend of artistic design and hi-tech intelligence. Its 9 in 1 sensor technology keeps an eye on air quality. You can connect uHoo indoor air monitors with virtual and voice assistants like Google Home, Roomba, Nest and Amazon’s Alexa. These virtual assistants help you to run your devices as per the needs.

This indoor air monitor also issues a warning about harmful levels of chemicals. You can ask Google Home and Alexa to start running automatic dehumidifiers and air conditioning devices. Its automatic technology helps you to keep your air fresh and clean. Therefore, this technology along with IFTTT channel saves manual labor.

Should I buy this Indoor Air Monitor?

Health is the most precious blessing of nature. You should not compromise on health. The United States Environmental Protection Authority states that impure air is harmful to our lungs and heart. Low-quality air gives rise to a number of respiratory and heart disease.

This indoor air monitor is very helpful in maintaining fresh and pure air. You can take it along with you on a camping trip. Or you can place it on your office table. You can use it anywhere due to its compact design. The built-in 9 sensors work continuously to analyze the changes in the indoor atmosphere. These sensors help you to measure indoor air quality with precision.

Moreover, you can pair it with multiple smart devices. This indoor air monitor uses the latest IFTTT technology. You can connect this indoor air monitor with devices like Alexa and Google Home. This enhances its operational functionality. These features make it a shining star among other indoor air monitors. You should not hesitate to make uHoo indoor air monitor to your health routine because we spend most of our time indoors!