Top 5 Best Portable Air Quality Monitor Devices reviewed

Top 5 Best Portable Air Quality Monitor Devices reviewed

Indoor air quality is an active problem. While for many people, the exact percentage of dust in the air doesn’t matter. Some folks with lung and respiratory tract conditions need to be extra picky about their choice of the atmosphere. Aside from that, poisonous gasses like carbon monoxide released as exhaust need to be detected immediately. And that’s where portable air quality monitor comes in.

They also alert you when any poisonous gas is detected in the house. An indoor air quality monitor is a great way to secure you from asthma attacks and breathing problems. Below is a list of the best and most reliable portable air quality monitors. These were chosen based on accuracy and performance.

Read on to find out more about their features and best advantages. There is nothing better on the market than whatever’s on this list.

EG Air Quality Device

We have chosen this Air Quality Monitor from EG Air due to its multifunctional design. This monitor makes the best use of formaldehyde sensors. It can even detect Volatile Organic Compounds in the atmosphere and the exact density of dust. It also helps detect petrol fumes and other nauseous substances that can be bothering you. Trust us when we say, the EG Air Monitor will be your best portable air quality monitor.

eg air portable air quality monitor


  • Keeps the air fresh and healthy.
  • Multifunctional performance.
  • Can be used for spot checking. Very easy to put to the test.
  • Accurate measurements. Can measure up to 2.5 microns.
  • Modern fans and sensors.

Multifunctional Performance:

EG Air can perform many functions at once. This makes it the best monitor if you want to detect more substances. To summarize, the EG can detect formaldehyde, VOC emissions, and particles as tiny as 2.5 microns. This means that minuscule dust particles and odor emitters get detected immediately. These tiny particles can easily reach the lungs and cause breathing problems. If you or your family member has asthma, then these particles can be a big menace. Because of this, EG Air is one of the best portable air quality monitors.

Spot Checking:

Testing a portable air quality monitor has never been easier. Now you can use your EG monitor to spot check the indoor quality.  The easiest way to check the monitor is to leave it on for about 2 days. This should be enough to detect any Nanoparticles floating around. After that, you can check the accuracy and functionality yourself. This is a great device if you want to detect even the minutest particles. We recommend the EG Air for anyone who is suffering from asthma or has breathing issues. We found that EG Air was very accurate at detecting particles and fumes.

Accurate Measurements:

As stated, the EG portable air quality monitor can detect particulate dust as small as 2.5 microns. In comparison, a human hair is about 50 microns. Dust particles this tiny are responsible for irritation of the respiratory tract. By detecting them, you can easily work out a solution with the help of a local doctor or professional. Air quality monitors have advanced beyond human thinking. The EG Air makes accurate measurements that anyone can staunchly stand by. However, there was an inconsistency. The measurements given by one device did not match those of the other.


  • Very portable and lightweight. Easy to manage, operate, and maintain.
  • Detects a diverse spectrum of irritants, dust particles, VOCs, and formaldehyde.
  • Very accurate and reliable. Can detect specks as small as 2.5 microns.
  • Includes a 2200 mAh battery and a 2.8 inch colored LCD display.


  • There is an inconsistency among the measurements of two different devices.

Temtop M2000C

Temtop is another portable air quality monitor that stands out from among the crowd. It is your daily go-to device when it comes to maintaining indoor air quality. Admittedly, the Temtop won’t make indoor air any better, but it will detect Nanoparticles and make accurate measurements. We chose the Temtop for its exquisite design, lightweight feel, and trivial navigation.

temtop m2000c portable air quality monitor


  • Performs many functions at once. Highly useful.
  • Comes with an alarm and a TFT display.
  • Includes laser particles detection and CO2 sensors.
  • Easy to navigate and use.
  • Large capacity built-in battery.

Alarm and TFT Display:

The Temtop portable air quality monitor also includes an audio alarm. This alarm will alert you in various situations. Not only that, but it also features a bright TFT display. This allows the Temtop to stay at the forefront of customer service and reliability. There is no brand we trust more. Temtop’s features make it multifunctional and reformative. The alarm and the display definitely take things up a notch. The display is colored, so you get both vibrancy and convenience. Of course, the sharp colors may strain the eyes from time to time.

Laser Particle Detection and CO2 Sensor:

The Temtop can detect particles as tiny as 2.5 microns. This is even thinner than hair! The Temtop uses microscopic lasers to estimate the density of dust particles. This helps it give a clear and accurate reading. Other than that, it also includes a carbon dioxide sensor. When spaces get crowded, oxygen levels drop. The Temtop portable air quality monitor keeps track of the carbon dioxide levels. As soon as they rise to critical levels, the audio alarm will alert you. This is a great feature if you’re using the Temtop in crowded urban areas.

Easy To Navigate:

Navigation is what makes a complicated device simple. Particle sensors aren’t very complicated to use. But operation can be tricky for a select few individuals. The Temtop is a portable air quality monitor that is very easy to operate. Just press a few buttons and select from the menu. The numbers and units are displayed clearly, so you won’t have to worry about the reading. Temtop is the most user-friendly portable indoor air monitor we’ve seen. The temperature is only displayed in Fahrenheit since most users would be accustomed to that.


  • Very easy to operate. Anyone with a basic understanding of electronic monitors can navigate the device.
  • Includes sensors for multiple substances, including TVOC, formaldehyde, and PM2.5.
  • Protects users with lung disease from respiratory tract infection. It helps detect microscopic particles.
  • Accurate and exact.


  • Measurements are inconsistent across devices.

Igeress Air Quality Monitor

Here’s another portable air quality monitor manufactured by Igeress. Igeress is another brand that most may not have heard of. Nevertheless, their standards are definitely way high. This Igeress product can detect a variety of substance, including formaldehyde and TVOC. It also detects PM2.5, PM10, PM1, and even humidity and temperature. Igeress is your number one monitor for everything related to indoor air quality.

igeress portable air quality monitor


  • Upgraded version with next level technology.
  • Can detect formaldehyde, TVOC, PM2.5, and humidity.
  • Lightweight and portable air quality monitor.
  • Easy and clear interface. The screen is visible and very easy to read.
  • Very quick and accurate calibration using just a button.

Diverse Sensors:

Dust particles aren’t the only irritants that can be an asthma patient’s worst nightmare. The Igeress is a special portable air quality monitor that can detect dust particulates as small as 2.5 microns. Along with that, it can also detect formaldehyde particles, CO2 and VOC emissions, and a lot more. The device even displays the current temperature and humidity level of the air. The temperate is only measured in Fahrenheit to give you a friendlier experience. Because of this diversity, the Igeress is one of the best portable air quality monitors.

Portable and Lightweight:

The best part about the Igeress is the portability. Sure, almost every air quality monitor has that. But we found that the Igeress was the easiest to carry and use. For one thing, it is the smallest portable air quality monitor out of all of the ones we’ve seen. Secondly, the product has an ergonomic design that makes holding easier. The item weighs only 5.9 pounds, making it extra lightweight and pocket-friendly. The Igeress is the best way to store a multifunctional air monitor.

Clear Interface:

Getting the user interface clear and to-the-point isn’t an easy task. But the Igeress makes it seem like a breeze. They use high-quality sensors and a colorful LCD screen to make their interface simpler. This makes the interface very attractive and easy to read. The brightness of the display is just perfect to avoid glare and eye strain. Other than that, navigation through the device is simple and trivial. Not much knowledge of portable air quality monitors is required to make the best of the Igeress.


  • Simple and minimalistic design. Easy to navigate, set, and operate. Does not require even a manual to use.
  • Uses a high power battery. Lasts longer than the other brands. Has a higher shelf life.
  • Detects a variety of Nanoparticles. Will help with asthma and other respiratory disorders.
  • Lightweight and portable. Can fit right into your pockets or purse. Does not require a stand or hang tab.


  • Must be calibrated every time you turn it on.

Atmotube 2.0 Air Monitor

If you’re looking for a minimalistic and futuristic design, then the Atmotube is perfect for you. The Atmotube 2.0 is an elegant portable air quality monitor that uses a real-time quality tracker. It is a sensitive device that marks out the path of every particle, no matter how small. We love the Atmotube both for its design and its performance. The monitor works with an application that works over the Wi-Fi. This is a great monitor if you want both quality and refreshing air.

atmotube portable air quality monitor


  • Lightweight and easy to carry. Very portable.
  • Detects VOCs and other poisonous gasses, such as carbon monoxide.
  • Operates through an app. Easy to navigate and remotely control.
  • Made of solid titanium. Very durable and elegant.
  • Sends constant alerts whenever the environment is not safe.

Detects Various Gasses:

For portable air quality monitors, trying to detect the main problem is no easy task. But with the Atmotube, it’s all a finger tap away. The Atmotube screen detects and displays the amount of VOC emissions and other harmful gasses. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These gasses are released from new upholstery or mattresses and are deadly to children and animals. Apart from that, instantly poisonous gasses such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide are also detected. Through the intricate alert system, you get alerted whenever there is any sign of these gasses. In this way, you end up saving tons of lives.

Mobile App:

Many portable air quality monitors work through mobile applications. They send constant alerts and measurements and even graphical representations through these apps. Because of this, many portable monitors work remotely. And the Atmotube is one of them. You can simply open the app and get real-time recordings of temperature, humidity, and VOCs. You also get notified when there’s any poisonous gas hazard. Having an indoor air monitor that can be remotely operated has got to be the best idea possible.

Solid Titanium Build:

When it comes to durability, nothing beats the Atmotube. The Atmotube is made of a solid titanium coated body that can endure anything. Although portable air quality monitors aren’t supposed to withstand the elements. However, the Atmotube takes extra measures and becomes rain and dirt free. Now your air monitor won’t be affected by rusting and corrosion. The use of titanium is excellent since it’s very durable and resistant. This, combined with excellent performance, just makes the Atmotube exceptional and terrific.


  • Uses a mobile app to send you frequent alerts and real measurements. Simple and easy to operate. Mobile app remotely views the monitor.
  • Detects VOCs and harmful gasses like CO and H2S. Bets for keeping family and pets secure.
  • Covered with titanium plating to enhance rust protection and resistance.
  • Elegant portable air quality monitor.


  • The notifications cannot be shut off.

Temtop LKC-1000S+

Here’s yet another product from Temtop. This is the Temtop LKC Portable Air Quality Monitor. We usually don’t include two products from the same brand. But if the product stands out enough, we have no choice but to include it. This monitor from Temtop is even better than the previous one. It includes added functionality, high performing units, and accurate measurements. This is by far one of Temtop’s best attempts at an accurate air quality monitor.

temtop lkc portable air quality monitor


  • Elegant and top-notch design. Colorful bright LCD display.
  • Can detect a wide spectrum of particles, ranging from gasses to dust.
  • Has a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours.
  • Uses electrochemical sensors that don’t require calibrating.
  • TFT screen makes reading the measurements easy and precise.

High-Quality Sensors:

The Temtop LKC uses very high-quality sensors that are able to detect even the tiniest particle and debris. This includes formaldehyde, VOC emissions, poisonous indoor gasses, AQI, and a lot more. It also detects the temperature and humidity level. All of this is done through simple sensors which aren’t too heavy for the system. Other than that, it can detect particles as small as 2.5 microns, and as large as 10 microns. For a portable air quality monitor to detect something so microscopic, only the best sensors are involved.

Increased Lifespan:

Most portable air quality monitors only last a few months. However, with the Temtop LKC, you get a lifespan of about 20,000 hours. That’s way more than what most other brands can offer. The sensors do not coagulate dust and thus will last longer than other monitors. This is just one of the many features that the Temtop boasts. The sensor it uses is a laser particle sensor. These sensors generally tend to last long periods of time before finally giving in.

No Calibrating:

The Temtop uses electrochemical sensors that require absolutely zero calibrating. Of course, during troubleshooting, you might need to set things straight. So there is a calibrating option. But this device is fully calibrated before it arrives. This means that you don’t have to leave it on to suit it your environment. However, we do recommend calibrating it as soon as it arrives. This technology is still new, so its reliability is decreased. This portable air quality monitor does not require much calibrating anyway.


  • Simple elegant design. Can detect 9 types of particles and gasses. Calibrates on its own. Detects temperature and humidity as well.
  • Includes a histogram feature that shows changes in the atmosphere and air quality. Actively collects information and displays it in the form of a graph.
  • Has a lifespan of about 20,000 hours. This portable air quality monitor uses laser sensors.


  • Product may arrive second hand. Customer service needs improving.

Wrap Up:

Indoor air is something we tend to ignore. And for various persons, it isn’t as serious. However, for some unfortunate folks, monitoring the quality of indoor air is imperative. In our list, we went over the top best portable air quality monitors. And while we loved all of our featured products, we know there was one which stuck out in your mind. We highly encourage buying that monitor. Trust us, you won’t regret it. An indoor air quality monitor is much needed if you suffer from asthma or have had incidents with poisonous gasses.

There isn’t anything more precious than your family’s safety. If you can afford one, then invest in an air quality monitor and protect your pets and family. It might seem unnecessary, but there are numerous cases of poisonous household gasses getting the better of everyone.

So remember to stay safe and buy your very own indoor air monitor!