Top 5 Air Pressure Meter devices reviewed

Top 5 Air Pressure Meter devices reviewed

Modern manometers give you accurate and digital readings. You can use it for a diverse range, be it the checking of industrial gas leakage or medical gas equipment or a laboratory test. You can also use it to measure air pressure in different home appliances. Due to the increased popularity and usage, these devices have become an integral part of HVAC professional’s tool kits.

I have reviewed some of the best air pressure meters below for your convenience so that you can make your buying decisions with ease.

RISEPRO Digital Meter

RISEPRO air pressure meter is a need for all gas appliances. This professional manometer is used to gauge the differential pressure. The measuring range is +/- 2 psi with +/- 0.3% accuracy on full scale.

risepro air pressure meter


  • Different measuring units
  • Elegant dual input
  • Enhanced differential pressure
  • Great resolution and range
  • LCD with backlight
  • Errors indication
  • Complete package

Different Measuring Unit

If you have multiple medical equipment and gas appliances and want to measure the air pressure then use this air pressure meter. It allows you to measure them in eleven units and scale. These include Psi, kPa, InH2O, cmH2O, Bar, Mbar, inHg, FtH2O, KGCM2, ozin2, and mmHg. Conversely, these measuring scales and units enhance the usability of the digital meter.

risepro air pressure meter1

LCD with backlight

RISEPRO has designed a big LCD with backlight in this air pressure meter. It shows you the selected unit and scale of measures along with range. Furthermore, you are able to see multiple error codes. These error codes have generated due to out of range. In the case of a low battery, the LCD indicates you. It also features auto-off function but if you want to turn off you can customize it.

Complete package

Your purchase comes with a complete package of accessories. You do not need to purchase other meters for measuring gauge and pressures of appliances. This package includes a manometer, pairs of tubing, an MPT with Barb access fitting, carrying pouch, and manual instructions. This total air pressure meter is affordable for all of you and more flexible.


  • The display comes with a backlight that shows multiple indications such as low battery, error code, selected units and scale and much more.
  • It offers eleven selectable units and scales to test differential pressures like gas pressure.
  • This air pressure meter provides accurate resolution and maximum pressure.
  • It comes with multiple useful traits that are your work requirements such as data hold, backlit, auto-off and more.


  • It is not exceptionally accurate for HVAC professionals.
  • RISERPRO is not showing more than 2psi reading.

Fieldpiece Manometer

Fieldpiece designed the great air pressure meter by using superior quality plastic. The plastic construction makes it portable, lightweight, and easy to install and use. It is accessible in five sizes; you can opt according to your requirements.

fieldpiece air pressure meter


  • Static, differential, and absolute pressure
  • Dual-port air pressure meter
  • Superior construction
  • The maximum range for pressure measurement
  • Resolution mode
  • Portable, durable, versatile
  • Easy to install and use

Static, differential, and absolute pressure

This air pressure meter can measure static pressure, differential pressure, and absolute pressure. This is a rugged dual-port, lightweight, and portable manometer that especially designed for HVACR field. Moreover, it comes with the auto-off feature that turns it off after some while. It enhances the battery life of the air pressure meter.

Diverse pressure measurement

The Fieldpiece meter has a pressure-measuring range start from -60inWC to +60inWC. It also gauges pressure at dual points and calculates the difference between point 1 and point 2. Features like rubber sturdy boot, magnet at the rear, adjustable zero buttons and more make it more popular on the market.

Resolution mode

This air pressure meter offers a resolution mode. You can use this mode to get measurements of static pressure either mBar or inWC. Additionally, it has an adapter that mostly measuring pressure between 3/16-inches to 5/16-inches. Due to this adapter, you can measure both inlet gas pressure and outlet gas pressure.


  • This professional air pressure meter is more durable, flexible, and portable.
  • The superior quality plastic and rubber present the long-lasting product to you.
  • It is very easy to install and use as well as the auto-off function enhances battery life.
  • You can use Fieldpiece air pressure meter to measure differential pressure, gas pressure, and static pressure.
  • It has an adaptor that is used to measure both inlets as well as outlet gas pressure.


  • This is much pricey digital air pressure meter.

UEi Test Instruments Manometer

If you are looking for the dual input and digital air pressure meter then UEi Test Instruments meter is a great choice. It allows you to measure more than 80.27inWC range pressures. This is an updated device that conveniently fitted for resting pressure with the sensor interface. Furthermore, it is equipped with transparent, fine, flexible, two barbed gas valve, silicone tubing, lithium battery, a soft pouch, and an instructional manual.

uei air pressure meter


  • Differential dual input measurement
  • Backlight LCD display
  • Triple scaling measuring
  • Adjustable zero button
  • Auto-off feature
  • Ideal for HVAC systems
  • Durable, flexible, and portable

Differential dual input measurement

UEi air pressure meter is a popular dual input device. It has an adjustable button that is located on the front of the meter. Moreover, a magnet is mounted at the rear that assists in hanging the meter while services. The other data holding and auto-ranging features aid in determining the best data to hold in multiple ranges of pressure.

Triple scaling measuring

The sturdy metal fitting presents the ideal air pressure meter. This manometer has a triple measuring scale that includes a bar, psi, and wag. Furthermore, you can reset the dynamic minimum and maximum measurements at any time. It has a differential mode that offers an easy way to measure pressure drops.

Ideal for HVAC systems

The manufacturer designed the ideal air pressure meter that has tested on multiple HVAC systems to measure static and gas pressure. The auto-off feature makes the battery more powerful. It has a display with a backlight that provides an easy way to read the reading of measures and pressure.


  • This air pressure meter can measure the pressure in three scales such as mBar, psi, and wag.
  • You can use it for professional, commercial, and residential use because it offers a convenient way of measuring pressure.
  • UEi Test Instruments meter is portable, flexible, and gives accurate measurements.
  • The company gives a limited 3-year warranty.
  • It has a display LCD with a backlight that permits you to read all the pressure readings and tells you about other indications.


  • It has a slow clock to show the results.

Testo Manometer

If you are fed up to maintain the record of calculation and measuring pressure manually, then you need to purchase the Testo manometers. Due to app connectivity with this air pressure meter, you can store and retrieve the saved data of the pressures.

testo air pressure meter


  • Differential pressures
  • Connectivity with App
  • Easy calculation and configuration
  • Powerful tool with accuracy
  • Ideal for HVAC/R contractors and technicians
  • Easy to use

Differential pressure

This air pressure meter can measure different pressures and flows. These include airflow, volume flow, and static pressure. In addition to that, you can measure pressures and flow if you attach a Pitot tube with this unit. It can also calculate both pressure drop and manifold pressures across coils and filters. On the other hand, you can remotely document and read the measurements as well.

Connectivity with App

The connectivity with the app makes it more popular on the market as compared to another manometer. The app connectivity enhances the usability and accuracy of the measuring.

Additionally, you can view all measured data on the app as tables, instrument reading, or graphs. It can also quickly make and save it as EXCEL and PDF files. If you want to create a customized report of your data, it allows you to choose that option from the app.

Easy configuration

Testo air pressure meter is easy to configure and use. A magnetic has placed on the backside of the meter. In addition, this magnetic allows you to place the meter on the required place for hands-free operations. This is a wireless air pressure meter that makes it easy to use and configure.


  • It can measure airflow, volume flow, and static pressure with the connectivity of the Pitot tube.
  • You can connect this air pressure meter with an App to store the measuring and calculating data for future use.
  • This meter can show measurements in different units such as in, Pa, mBar, cfm, fpm, m3/h, and much more.
  • Your purchase comes with Calibration certification that includes an adapter with hose set, battery, and probe with the app.


  • Purchasing a Pitot tube is an extra expense.

476A Manometer by Dwyer

Dwyer has been around for a long time now and it has made its mark among the consumer with its high-quality products. One of them is this 476A air pressure meter. This device enables you to monitor dual and single air pressure without any issues.

With the help of the electronic zeroing feature of this device, the accuracy threshold of this air pressure meter is +/- 1.5%. You can easily measure low pressures from -20 to 20 inWC with the mentioned FS accuracy threshold. The device allows you to gauge negative and positive or even differential pressures without any problems. The device also comes with an aluminum casing and for this reason, it offers good durability.

dwyer air pressure meter


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Works with varying temperature limits
  • Battery powered
  • 4-digit LCD display
  • Barbed connection
  • 1 button push auto-zero functioning
  • 9 different metric/English units

Working with various units

Just save time and allow your air pressure meter to take the workload. One of the best features of this air pressure meter is that it can enable you to work with 9 different metric units. Whether you use your manometer to measure liquid pressures of gas pressures you are going to find this manometer very useful. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of converting the units.

Auto-zero functionality

Another convenient feature that this manometer has to offer it is auto-zero functionality. You just have to push one button and you are ready to take the next reading. Some device doesn’t come with option and you have to deal with plenty of troubles when using them. This is not the case with this manometer because with just a single push you are all ready to take your next reading.

Battery powered

The air pressure meter from Dwyer features a large 4-digit display LCD that allows you to clearly see all the reading without any issues. The 9V battery required to power this display produces a solid result. This unit also comes with an auto-off feature that will keep your alkaline battery safe from dying out in emergencies. The aluminum housing of this air pressure meter keeps your battery well safe from rusting and corrosion too.


  • Accuracy threshold of +/- 1.5%
  • The device works with temperature limits of -17.8°C to 60°C
  • It can offer pressure hysteresis threshold of +/- 0.1% FS
  • The device runs on 9-volt battery required for 4-digit LCD display
  • The device is approved by CE and RoHS.
  • Auto-zero functionality quickly gets you to take the new reading.


  • The manometer doesn’t come with a hose and you have to buy one separately.
  • The readings tend to bounce a lot after a short while.


The winner of this roundup turns out to be the air pressure meter by Risepro. This air pressure meter is an ideal option for measuring gas pressures for HVACR appliances. This means that you can do a lot more than just gauging the air pressure in your tires with this little baby. It comes with a pretty decent design and has a large and clear backlit LCD. The air pressure meter can automatically shut itself off when not in use and you can choose from 11 different measuring units as well. The device can easily handle 10 PSI but it doesn’t show reading when the pressure crosses 2 PSI.

Which air pressure meter is your favorite? Does that device feature on this list? Or have you tried any of these that I have mentioned above? Comment below and let us know what you think?

Time to be the handyman!