Top 4 Best Anemometers (wind speed measuring device) reviewed

Top 4 Best Anemometers (wind speed measuring device) reviewed

Ever since its inception in the 15th century, a wind speed measuring device has not gone through significant changes. Of course, with the course of technology advancement, the methods of getting readings have gotten easier. But, a wind speed measuring device on a whole has not changed much in terms of functionality, design, or use.

There are different designs and variations of the wind speed measuring device present on the market. The most common variant, which we see is the cup anemometer. The cup anemometer itself has some variations. While some cup anemometers use four cups, others may use three cups for the device. However, there are now much more compact and durable wind speed measuring devices which do not use such a complicated mechanism.

Because of their antiquity, the anemometers are varied and several manufacturers churn out different kinds of anemometers. It can be confusing to figure out which is best for you. So, for that purpose, we have compiled a list of the top 4 best anemometers.

Kestrel 5700

The Kestrel 5700 wind speed measuring device is one of the best anemometers known for its powerful microprocessors that get all of your tedious calculations done within seconds. We have included the Kestrel 5700 due to its sheer computing power and sophisticated environmental sensing features.

The Kestrel 5700 is a highly durable device. The manufacturers have used premium quality materials for engineering and building this device. The manufacturers also made sure that this wind speed measuring device is fully waterproof and weatherproof. So, you can use the Kestrel 5700 whenever and wherever you want without worrying about getting it damaged in harsh weather. This product is specially engineered to be rugged and durable. This is evident from the fact that it can effectively absorb impacts and it is made shockproof.

kestrel wind speed measuring device


  • Scratch and breakage resistant screen and window
  • Measures up to 15 environmental parameters
  • Employs Applied Ballistics bullet library
  • Floats when placed on water
  • Runs on easily available AA batteries
  • Connects to your PC
  • Large high contrast screen

Measures many parameters

The major feature which we really liked on this wind speed measuring device is the fact that you can measure many parameters on it at once. You can measure up to 15 different parameters at a time. This includes heat index, temperature, wind speed, headwind, crosswind, tailwind, humidity, heat stress index and many others. These parameters are very important when you have to make reading on the weather conditions and come to a conclusion by analyzing and studying them. These parameters also help to predict future weather as well. You don’t need several devices to measure different parameters anymore, as this device can do it all.

Employs Applied Ballistics Library

The Applied Ballistics Library features custom drag models which can provide an exact measurement of the bullet’s drag profile. This feature can be super helpful in providing corrections for Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, and other factors. With this library, you will be able to obtain accurate long-range shots.


The wind speed measuring device from Kestrel is made to be weatherproof and waterproof. To add to the durability of the device, the manufacturers have engineered the device to successfully float on water when dropped in the water. This makes sure that when you’re measuring parameters on the surface of the water, the device doesn’t sink to the bottom.


  • It employs the Applied Ballistics Library for accurate long-range shots
  • This wind speed measuring device is manufactured to be rugged and weatherproof.
  • It uses AA batteries which makes it reliable.
  • It can measure several parameters at once.
  • You can connect it to your computer.
  • The 5-year limited warranty is available.
  • Features a scratch resistant screen.
  • The screen is backlit and features night vision too.


  • The computer application is not very comprehensive

Testo 416

The Testo 416 is known for its versatility and accuracy in measurement. We included the Testo 416 on our list of top picks because it is a highly accurate device to use for weather parameter measurement.

This wind speed measuring device comes with its own mini vane probe. This probe proves to be very useful in conditions when you want to measure the wind speed in air ducts and other such places. Ducts are normally very difficult to access and sometimes getting the whole anemometer inside can be a bit difficult and tedious process. This mini vane probe can efficiently and accurately measure the wind speed and other parameters inside the ducts in whichever unit you wish for them be measured in.

testo 416 wind speed measuring device


  • Mini vane probe for reaching into ducts
  • Backlit bright LCD shows readings
  • Auto-off mode that shuts the device down
  • HOLD function available on the control panel
  • Includes calibration certificates
  • Minimum and maximum function for readings
  • Measures temperatures in both units
  • Visible readings in low light conditions

Bright LCD

The Testo 416 wind speed measuring device uses a bright screen to display the readings. The screen uses a backlit LCD screen to display all the readings and analytical findings. The backlit LCD is useful when you have to work under low lighting. This provides you the lighting you need when you want to take readings in the night time or in constricted places where light barely ever enters. This is also useful when you have to survey ducts. The bright LCD can simultaneously show several readings without you having to constantly switch between tabs or options.

Auto-off mode

The batteries included with the Testo 416 are not rechargeable. However, you can definitely use rechargeable batteries with this wind speed measuring device. The Testo 416 uses a smart auto-off mode that turns the device off after 10 minutes of inactivity. This will save you battery time and ultimately, help you save money on batteries as well. The LCD also indicates a low battery so you know when to replace the batteries.

HOLD function

The Hold function is an important part of the wind speed measuring device as it lets you freeze the readings and note them down. This is significant when you’re working with complex readings which are also countless in numbers. Trying to memorize them all at the same time can be difficult and cumbersome. But with the HOLD button, just press it and each reading freezes for you to take a look at.


  • You can accurately note down readings from it.
  • Auto-off mode saves battery life.
  • Bright LCD with low light operability.
  • Mini vane included for hard to reach places.
  • Captures temperature in both units.
  • Minimum and maximum functions are included for analytical purposes.
  • You can take wind speed in either m/s for fps


  • It does not float on water.

Docooler Mastech

If you’re looking for an anemometer that is both versatile and durable, then the Docooler Mastech is definitely the best anemometer for you. The Docooler Mastech is unbelievably versatile which makes it best for people who want to use the anemometer in different conditions.

The Docooler Mastech has a lot of applications. You can use this anemometer for domestic purposes as well as industrial purposes. At home, you can use it to measure the wind speed and temperature of CPU fans, GPU heat buildup, air conditioning and also the ventilation system if you have one. In the industry, this can be used to measure the wind speed of several machines that exhale heat in the form of wind. You can use it to measure several other parameters as well. It can be used to figure out wind direction and wind speed in case you wish to go out for fishing, flying kites or hiking up the mountains. The versatility of this product makes it truly one of the best.

docooler wind speed measuring device


  • Easy setup
  • Various options for the unit display
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Holds minimum and maximum values of several parameters
  • Storage bag provided
  • Automatic power off function
  • Light in weight
  • Low battery light

Various units

The Docooler Mastech takes into account the several different units of measurement. Whether the measurement is of wind speed, heat specific index or temperature, units can differ from region to region. This is why the Docooler Mastech provides an easy way for you to set the units according to your ease. You can use feet, meters, miles or whatever it is that is suitable for your region.

Large LCD Screen

The large LCD screen present on the device is a plus point for this device as well. The large LCD Screen allows you to view all the readings on one platform. The LCD is backlit which makes for a better option when working in low light conditions. The LCD can display up to three parameters at a time. This means you don’t have to frantically go about switching from parameter to parameter for each reading. Doing this can also damage the accuracy with which the device measures the parameters.

Minimum and Maximum values

Another important feature which appealed to us is the minimum and maximum value function. This function allows you to check what the maximum and minimum readings were of a particular parameter. The minimum and maximum function can prove to be extremely useful when you’re trying to troubleshoot a particular problem and are having problems figuring out what is going wrong. It is also a great way to figure out if and when your parameter has had a surge value.


  • It has a Large LCD screen for displaying measured parameters
  • Versatile functions are available.
  • Maximum and minimum functions provide aid in troubleshooting
  • You can set the units on the device yourself.
  • The backlit screen is perfect for lowlight places
  • Runs on an AA battery which makes it convenient
  • It automatically turns itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity


  • It is somewhat heavy as compared to other devices.

Testo 0560

If you’re looking for an anemometer that is accurate as well as durable, then the Testo 0560 wind speed measuring device is definitely the best anemometer for you. The Testo 0560 takes pride in providing the most accurate tools on the market.

The Testo 0506 wind speed measuring device measures air velocity with accuracy. When we tested this device out, we found that the Testo 0506 is the most accurate among all the others. This is because the engineers at Testo programmed it to be precise and accurate even in conditions when the parameters are quickly changing. The Testo 0560 wind speed measuring device also measure volume flow, temperature, as well as airflow water, registers very accurately. In our opinion, this the best device for you if you don’t want any fancy features and just want accurate readings above all.

testo wind speed measuring device


  • Timed and tuned multipoint averaging
  • Air density correction
  • Measures up to 10 parameters
  • Apps are available for smart devices.
  • Uses probes
  • 2-year warranty
  • Wireless transmission
  • Mini vane for hard to reach places

Air Density Correction

One of the best features which are offered by the Testo 0560 is the Air Density Correction. When measuring air density many anemometers tend to get the air density different than what it really is. This is a problem because then you have to do the calculation yourself and correct the air density manually. This is a cumbersome job and requires an expert engineer to work it all out. The Air Density Correction feature on the Testo 0560 wind speed measuring device eliminates this need by correcting the air density itself.  This adds convenience to the entire process.

Measures 10 parameters

The anemometer features options where you can measure up to 10 parameters at once. While there is no LCD display available on it, the Testo uses a smartphone app to display either all 10 parameters or whichever parameters you wish to be displayed simultaneously. This anemometer can accurately measure all the parameters at the same time. This is rare when it comes to anemometers.

App for smartphone

The Testo 0560 wind speed measuring device comes with an efficient smartphone app which can be used on android as well as Apple devices. This allows you to take readings and display them on the phone instead of a built-in LCD screen or any other screen of the sorts. The app for smartphones is available easily on the dedicated app stores on the devices as well as on the manufacturer’s website. The app also has a hold function which allows you to freeze the readings and note them down somewhere so you can analyze them later on.


  • The app provided is very efficient.
  • It measures 10 parameters.
  • This product corrects air density on its own
  • The Testo 0560 displays parameters simultaneously.
  • It lasts longer than other anemometers.


  • It does not have a dedicated LCD screen to display the parameters.

Wrap up

Considering all of the reviews and the analyses, we have come to the conclusion that while all of the wind speed measuring devices are great and efficient, the Kestrel 5700 is the best out of all. The Kestrel is very safe and durable as it is weatherproof as well as scratch proof. This anemometer is versatile as well as it can measure many parameters at once. The Kestrel is also the best in terms of accuracy as it can produce almost accurate results and readings if not perfect results and readings.