Kestrel 5700 Elite Wind Measuring Device in-depth review

Kestrel 5700 Elite Wind Measuring Device in-depth review

If you have landed on this page, then for sure you are in need of a good quality wind measuring device. Obviously, you need a quick solution for the crux of the matter. After all, who likes spending a lot of time going through countless choices available these days!

Well, we must tell you that you are in luck. This post emphasizes on reviewing the best options when it comes to the wind measuring device. The Kestrel 5700 has been grown in popularity recently and in this review, we will assess whether there is any truth associated with this hype or not.


If you are in some hurry and looking for some quick answers right away, then here is a summary of this entire review. The Kestrel Elite 5700 is a compact device that comes in five different colors. There are two different models of this wind measuring device. One is LINK enabled while the other is the standard model with no-LINK.

It uses applied ballistics to provide you with data with the help of bullet library of different models (custom drag). This means that it can generate a drag profile of your bullet and can make corrections for any spindrift, aerodynamic jump, drop scale and Coriolis for the purpose of achieving long-range shots.

This wind measuring device can easily gauge up to 15 different environmental parameters. It means that all these parameters are right on your fingertips. With its high-resolution screen, you can easily read data with quite less strain on your eyes. It comes with a very intuitive display and you can also navigate your screen. The best part is that the wind measuring device is breakage and scratch resistant as well. The device runs on Lithium AA cells for increased reliability.

Kestrel wind measuring device1

Design & Build

The design and build of this wind measuring device are exceptional. The compact construction of this device allows the user to hold on to it or even place it in the pocket without any issue. The body is scratch and shock resistant so you don’t have to worry that your device might not work if you have accidentally dropped it a few times.

The wind measuring device runs on a couple of Lithium batteries and they can last for a good period of time. Most of the time users have to compromise with low battery output when they are looking for strong build, but that is not the case of Kestrel Elite 5700. All the buttons on this device are easy to access with one hand. Plus, you can easily ready the lines on the screen too even in broad daylight.

Kestrel Elite 5700 Review

The Elite 5700 is available in two different models and you can either go for the standard no-LINK version or the LINK enabled version. Available in five different colors and comes at a fairly decent price; this wind measuring device is a good deal to grab.


  • High-resolution screen
  • 5-year warranty
  • Uses applied ballistics
  • Intuitive display
  • Screen navigation
  • LINK enabled for smartphones

Applied ballistics

The wind measuring device uses applied ballistics technology to provide the user with information. It means that it can create a load profile for your bullet‘s drag. With this technology, it can measure up to 15 different environmental parameters and you can either choose from G7 or G1 coefficients for ballistics when you can try to calculate the trajectory at a certain range.

LINK enabled

One of the most exciting features of this wind measuring device is that it comes with a Bluetooth LINK. This means that you can easily connect your phone with it and load all the profiles and data according to your requirements. This feature can also assist your training because you have your mobile with you and this is where all data can be taken. With the help of the LINK, you can connect it with other Bluetooth enabled devices, for example, rangefinders.

High-resolution screen

One of the most common issues with wind measuring device is that their displays are very much useless in the daytime. But this device comes with a high resolutions screen that provides you with all the information right when you need it and in a clear manner. The display is crisp and intuitive and there is a night mode as well.

5-year warranty

This is one of the best features of this wind measuring device because it already has a scratch and breakage proof design. Kestrel provides its customers with a 5-year warranty. It means that you not only get to use a good quality product but you also have the peace of mind that your wind measuring device will not fail you.


  • The device has two variants and you can either go for a LINK enabled unit or a no-LINK standard unit.
  • There are four different colors available for you to choose from as per your style.
  • It uses the technology of applied ballistics and takes data from Litz that s one of the most trusted libraries of G7 and G1 coefficients of ballistics.
  • You can easily integrate with your smartphone and can also use it on your PC.
  • It comes with 5-year warranty o offer you the peace of mind.


  • It is slightly expensive.
  • Its LINK connection is a little bit snappy.


Overall it’s a great wind measuring device. It does come with a hefty price tag but also has plenty of features to offer. Overall you do get the worth of your investment.

Kestrel wind measuring device2


There are not many competitors of Kestrel Elite 5700 in terms of performance. The wind measuring device uses the Litz Library to access data which is one of the most trusted in this field. It can also measure fifteen environmental parameters, which means that you are not only getting accurate information but a variety of it.

The information is displayed clearly and you also have access to all the controls with one hand. The wind measuring device uses AA battery which can last for many weeks. The body is scratch proof and shock resistant do that your device remains intact for a long time to come.

Hence, it comes with a 5-year warranty too. Furthermore, it can quickly LINK to your smartphone and PC. This is a huge bonus! Some people have complained about the connectivity issues with LINK but they are usually minor ones too.

Smart integration

One of the best features of this wind measuring device is that you can easily connect your device with your mobile phone. This means that you can load you drag profile and can share it or keep it for the record. You only need to turn on the Bluetooth on both devices and that’s it. For the purpose of calculation of coefficient or ballistics, the device uses the Litz library. The good thing about this library is that it is one of the most trusted resources when it comes to G7 and G1 BCs.


If you are looking for a good quality wind measuring device then you don’t need to look any further. The Kestrel Elite 5700 should be your choice. It comes at a fairly decent price and boasts a number of features. This device can easily stand the test of time and for this reason, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

It uses applied ballistics and has access to Litz library which is one of the most authentic when it comes to G1 & G7 coefficients of ballistics. Furthermore, it goes to show that the information it provides you is highly trusty worth. Its body is very solid and it is built to take the planet of toll.