Kaiterra Laser Air Quality Monitor

Kaiterra Laser Air Quality Monitor

Health is wealth. We are progressing, and so are our industrial activities. It seems all good and advanced until we ignore the health factor. Why? We are adding numerous pollutants in our surroundings as a result of our modern activities. Can we keep ignoring them? Yes, if we are least bothered by our health, but it is what we shouldn’t. What’s the solution then? Keep a close check on the atmosphere you and your family are breathing in. Luckily, you can do it conveniently by getting some good quality Laser air quality monitor.

Kaiterra is providing a startling monitor. I’m going to review it here in detail to let you know about its various aspects.


This section is specifically for all those readers who are in a hurry. Here is a quick look at this review:

You cannot buy any air quality monitor to detect the air present in your home. You’d need the one who gives accurate results. This Kaiterra device is appreciable in this regard. It uses optical sensors to provide accurate results.

Now, let’s discuss its convenience.

It comes with number of features that can give you relief in every possible way. It comes with an APP that you can use to check the air quality status from your mobile.

That’s not all. . .  It sends notification and also gives you an opportunity to connect it with other home appliances.

All these features along with others can make your life simpler and healthier. It is efficient, quick, and easy-to-use. However, there is a point that you should consider. It gives the detection of three atmospheric elements only. If you like to get information about other components too, you can reassess your decision.

 kaiterra Laser Air Quality Monitor

Design and Build

Now, let’s discuss the design and build of this Laser air quality monitor.

The design and appearance of this Kaiterra basic quality monitor is something that can make it compete with others. You’ll find many other cheaper monitor models available in the market. They perform their job well though; they don’t have any charming appearance.

The Kaiterra monitor possesses a sleek bell-like shape. What’s more? The combination of white color with the fine silver outer layer makes it even more attractive.

The screen is present at the front side of this bell-shaped monitor. It is 6.5 cm or 2.6 inches in size. It is pretty large to provide clear and easy-to-read information.

What’s more on this bell? It has two buttons on the top in which one of them is the power button, and the other is the mode button. There is also a USB port at the backside of this monitor. You can charge your device using this port.

On purchasing this device, you receive an instruction manual in both English and Chinese languages. You will also get the charging cable in the box.

A small circle surrounds the charging port of this laser air quality monitor. This circle contains a fan inside. It helps the device to stay cool. When this fan works, it makes a light vibrating or buzzing sound that goes unnoticeable during a day. There are chances you might feel this light sound irritating in the silence of the night.

Kaiterra Laser Air Quality Monitor Review

Kaiterra is a big brand name when I talk about air quality monitors. The working of Kaiterra laser air quality monitor is very simple. Yet, it is capable of identifying important elements that have the potential to affect your indoor air quality.


  • It is a multi-lingual device
  • Comes with 8 hours battery
  • Wi-fi
  • Provides historical trends
  • Detects temperature, humidity, and PM2.5

Detects important indoor pollutants

What these pollutants are? It is humidity, temperature, and PM2.5. In case you don’t know, PM2.5 is an atmospheric particulate matter. Figure 2.5 indicates its size that is less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter.

Why this device detects these particles? It is because they are very small, and you can inhale them. They can be equally harmful to your body as smoking is.

kaiterra Laser Air Quality Monitor1

Mobility and access to previous data

Another significant attribute of this laser air quality monitor is its mobility. It comes with its app. You can install it on your mobile. It gives you all and even more information that you can otherwise see on this device. This mobility is very important especially when you can easily check anything from your mobile.

What’s more? In order to add more convenience, you can also get alerts with this app the quality of air crosses the safe limit that you have set on the device, it will send you an alert. You can then take appropriate action accordingly. It can be pretty helpful when you are out and leaving your kids at home.

This monitor even allows you to see the past trends on its app. You can check the days of the previous week. It can assist in identifying the cause that is affecting indoor air quality.

Smart Home

This Kaiterra Laser air quality monitor even allows you to make your own smart home. You can connect your other home appliance using either Apple HomeKit or IFTTT. Thus, you can add as many appliances as you can. In this way, you can make your home super convenient, peaceful, and safe from many atmospheric damages.


You can absolutely trust this device to get accurate information. It uses optical sensors to detect these atmospheric elements. In this way, it ensures high precision. This thing can bring real peace of mind in your life.


  • Its mobility can make things super easy for you.
  • Its beautiful design won’t make you feel bad about having a monitor between your elegant interiors.
  • You can even connect it with other home appliances to make a smart home.
  • An 8-hour long battery life can give you peace of mind.
  • App sends you alerts on your mobile.


  • It has the potential to monitor only a few air pollutants.
  • Its display isn’t very fascinating


This Kaiterra Laser Air Quality monitor is one very efficient yet simple device. It provides almost all requisite features that you can expect from a monitoring device. With its correct detection and timely alerts, you can improve your overall health.


How do you measure the performance of any device? It is by evaluating how good it performs the work that it is supposed to do.

The job of the laser air quality monitor is to monitor the elements and give precise information. The Kaiterra air quality monitor uses optical sensors that are highly accurate. They sense the environment very precisely and give information without any delay.

The benefit of an optical sensor that you can obtain is its high sensitivity. Moreover, it doesn’t accept any effect of electromagnetic interference.

Thus, I can say, this Kaiterra monitor gives a remarkable performance with its technology. Moreover, it has a mechanism to give alerts as well. You can even enjoy it while checking the air quality with your mobile app.

Besides providing accurate results, it even allows you to make certain changes according to your choice. It gives five different screen modes. You can choose them by simply pressing the mode button present at the top. The last mode makes this device very dim. So, it cannot disturb your sleep at night.

kaiterra Laser Air Quality Monitor2

Compatibility with Smart Home Devices

This Kaiterra laser air quality monitor doesn’t lag in the criteria of connectivity. As I have already discussed, you can use your Wifi to connect this device with a mobile app.

It not only gives you ease but also provides more detailed information. Although the device itself doesn’t display the weather forecast, firmware updates, and automatic calibration but its app, gives the information about these parameters too.

Moreover, you can connect this laser air quality monitor to other smart devices of your home as well. In order to accomplish this goal, the Kaiterra supports working with Apple HomeKit and IFTTT. Using these two connectivity approaches, you can connect as many devices of your home as you want.

It can fulfill your dream of making your home smart and efficient. Such applications can come handy when you are away from your home – but you need constant assistance from everything present back at home.

Should I buy it?

Should you buy Kaiterra Laser Air Quality Monitor? I can’t answer this question as a simple yes or no. Why? Because it depends on different factors.

I would say you should go for this device if you have the following concerns:

You need some simple yet effective air monitoring devices to keep you aware of the quality. You prefer convenience features like a smartphone App. If you want your device to look charming and pleasing, this device is meant for you.

This monitor can also go well with those who are struggling to make the majority of their home appliances SMART. This device is a good option for you if you want some lightweight thing to monitor your surroundings.

Don’t buy this monitoring device, if you have the following concerns:

You need some big and bright display with vibrant colors. If you want detection for numerous air quality parameters, this device is not meant for you as it gives information on only three of them.

Final Word

In today’s world, it is very important to have detailed information about your surroundings. It is because our atmosphere is getting polluted day by day. In such a time period, a laser air quality monitor can be a great source of assistance for you.

After reading all the provided information, I hope you have cleared all your confusion regarding buying this device.

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