How to Choose the Best Air Quality Monitor?

How to Choose the Best Air Quality Monitor?

If you have been dealing with poor sleep or stuffy nose recently then it is quite possible that your home’s air quality is deteriorated. You might be thinking that I don’t go much outside so I don’t have to worry much about the air quality here (indoor). Well, the reality is quite contrary to this. Science has proven that throughout the day, the quality of indoor air declines and at times, it becomes more polluted than the outdoor air. Therefore, to deal with that it’s time for you to bring home the best air quality monitor.

One of the main reasons why your indoor air gets polluted is that there is usually not an easy way of air crossing. The air stays and with your daily routine activities like cooking, combusting, air conditioning and others its quality begins to decline. Our homes are filled with appliances and related stuff and they are all contributing in it as well. However, it does not mean you should start thinking that you need to get rid of your fridge right away!

There are better ways to solve this issue and for that reason, we have developed this brief buying guide on the best air quality monitors that you can buy.

How does air quality monitor function?

Monitoring of air quality includes the assessment of various elements associated with air pollution in a particular area; in this case, it is your room. A best air quality monitor will quickly assess all these constituencies and provide you with the current state of air quality in your space. The best air quality monitor boasts three different sensors. One of them is based on infrared technology while the other two are based on electrochemical traits. The Oxygen and CO sensors are electrochemical while infrared is for CO2.

Factors to consider before buying the best air quality monitor?

These devices come in a huge variety and they differ from each other in various ways. To find the best air quality monitor there are different factors you must consider. These are:

Ø  Sensor precision should be high

Sensor precision is vital if you are looking for the best air quality monitor. If the device is not able to provide you with accurate reading, then it will lead to wrong decisions and your investment is a waste of money and time.

Ø  Response time must be excellent

A best air quality monitor must also come with a quick response rate. If the air quality is below par in the morning then it should indicate that in the morning not in the afternoon. Taking any actions after that time is fruitless.

best air quality monitor2

Ø  Should measuring different elements

There are various elements that the best air quality monitor can measure. VOCs, temperature CO2, ozone, humidity, dust, are only a few of the elements, different models features. Any good quality device feature a number of different elements and they provide you with readings that will allow painting a picture of the current air quality in your room.

Ø  Should be easy to use

A best air quality monitor is always highly user-friendly. Manufacturers of these units develop the design in different ways to facilitate the users. Most of the models come with smartphone integration and we all know that is the most familiar display of all. These devices provide you with all the information that you need reading the indoor quality of air in your house.

This is not just a matter of controls being easy to access, the information that a device provides must also be easy to comprehend. This is where smartphones have taken control. The apps designed for mobile platforms are so simple to use and understand.

If you are not able to understand what your device is trying to explain to you then you cannot take any necessary action to improve the condition. This means that your investment will go begging. Therefore, it is critical for you to get all the understanding associated with your air quality monitor.

Ø  Must perform multi-functions at a time

The device that you are considering to buy must be able to provide you with all the information associated with all the elements in one go. It should work on each element one by time because it will very time-consuming. You need to check the different elements that a model can monitor in one go.

There are some devices available on the market that can tell you the overall air quality in a single reading. Well, this is not very helpful. Because the primary contributor to this low reading might be humidity but instead you turn on the humidifier. You are basically just guessing and nothing else. And when it’s the matter of your family’s health, you need to have solid facts, not guesses.

Ø  Design and build should go with the décor

Some persons prefer the functionality of looks while others do it vice versa. If you are the one who likes to balance it out between the two, then you need to look for a device that goes pretty well with your room’s interior.

As it is going to be right at someplace where you can see it clearly it needs to look pretty. But it’s all up to your own preferences. The device needs to be right in that place where you can see it while coming and going. Therefore, it is mandatory that you look for a design that goes with your décor and looks pretty sleek as well.

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Ø  The capacity of detection should be good

The detection capacity refers to the capacity of your best air quality monitor to cover a certain area. For instance, if you are considering the device for a 400 square meter, then the device must be able to cover 150 square feet. Of course, you can go for bigger capacities as well but that entirely is up to you and how much do you want to spend.

Ø  Smart integrations is a must-have

The best air quality monitor must come with smart home integrations features. If you are able to operate it with something like Amazon’s Alexa that it will be more than facilitation for you. With the help of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can integrate all the appliances within your home and this will give you a better chance to control the air quality if your home.

Ø  The night light can be an option

If you prefer to sleep with a little light in the room then your best air quality monitor can also feature a night light. It will allow you to see all the readings clearly when you make in the middle of the night. And there’s a good reason for it too!

In most cases, at night time you need to regulate your room’s air more frequently. You can also access the information using your phone but at night you might not have a phone with you when you go to your refrigerator to drink some water.

Ø  Air quality history is also a good choice but not mandatory

To track the quality of indoor air, you can also get different charts providing you with all the information you need. It allows you to know what works very well and what are the areas in which you still need to improve; in terms of increasing the indoor air quality.

Ø  You can go for filters too

In recent times, the manufacturers have introduced a more expensive range of air quality monitors that just don’t monitor but start filtering too. These inbuilt filters enable you to clean your air as soon as its quality decline gets detected.


Best air quality monitors are essential for healthy living. It needs to be part of your home and keep your family safe from all kinds of allergens. Your home’s indoor air can get worse as the day passes by and for this, you need the best air quality monitor guarding your home. It will easily monitor the air for you and provides all the information you need to take action.

How is your experience with these devices? Which one do you think is the best air quality monitor? Have your say! Leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch in a jiffy.

Happy health!