Foobot Indoor Air Quality Device: an in-depth review

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Device: an in-depth review

Let me start this with three big facts:

“An average person inhales about 11-thousand liters of air every day.”

“Unmaintained air quality leads to poor decision-making, slower reaction times and greater tiredness.”

“Study shows that people in a building are able to work up to 60% faster in environments with lower concentrations of contaminants in the air.”

This generation of ours spends almost 90% of their time indoors. So if you really think about it, the outside air may seem generally more pollutant. However, it’s the less pollutant air inside that is causing more harm to you. On that note, staying healthy is a big concern for just about everyone out there.

Foobot is a wonderfully designed air quality device that passively informs you about the quality of the air around you. It gives handy tips that just about everyone can incorporate in their day to day lives. All this allows you to harvest the best quality from your air!

Quick Summary

Are you a work at home dad or a full-time housewife? Do your children spend most of their time playing indoor games? Would you like for your loved ones to breathe fresh and healthy air daily? Then Foobot air quality device is the way to go.

Foobot air quality device can alter the entire dynamics of your surroundings. It sniffs out and warns you about pollutants in the atmosphere. These pollutants include harmful VOCs, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, particulate matter. Furthermore, it informs you about the temperature and humidity of your air. These are aspects that are paramount to consider for healthier air.

Foobot has an ergonomic design and intuitive controls. It is equipped with LEDs and motion sensors for better usability. The Foobot has a customized app to connect to your smartphone or other smart devices. It has an IFTTT channel to log in digital data to later execute analog actions or just store as a spreadsheet.

foobot air quality device

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Device – Design and Build

Just as you open the box you’ll find a beautiful heart with scripture that reads, “This Foobot likes you already”. As you uncover it, you’ll notice that the Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor looks like a piece of tech from the future. It is compact enough to not feel intrusive.

It has a nice and modern design that is sure to look great no matter where you place it. I’m personally a big fan of its color, white, as it simply looks slick and clean. There are tiny sensors incorporated in it. These are responsible for sniffing out any tiny particles in the air around.

It comes equipped with LEDs that would inform you at a glance if your air quality is good or bad. The height of the light shows the intensity of good or bad. This helps in knowing if the quality is somewhere in between, too.

It is to notice that is more of a passive device and it won’t fix anything per se. It pairs up with your cellular device. The device vibrates with a warning if your air quality has degraded below acceptable levels. However, once you’re aware, it’s up to you and other products you own to fix the issue of air pollution around you. Overall, it has a brilliant design and it serves its purpose well.

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Device Features

The Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device lets you know about the temperature and humidity. It can also sense particulate matter, ranging from 0.3 to 2.5 micrometers. Lastly, it can assess the number of chemical pollutants i.e. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in your air. So overall, the point could be made that if you satisfy Foobot, then you’re definitely living in healthy air. That is, after all, the basic purpose that this little gadget serves.


  • Measures VOCs, toxic chemicals, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, humidity, temperature,
  • Flexible IFTTT channel
  • Responds precisely to air changes
  • Dedicated cloud-based software
  • Intuitive indicator LEDs
  • Helpful tips related to the problem
  • Sync with other smart devices
  • Ergonomic and handy controls

Intuitive indicator LEDs

Foobot Air Quality Indicator has built-in LEDs that help to gauge the intensity of pollutants. The pollution has several scales to judge the intensity from. Exploring the scales, 0 is the best rating your place can get. It means it’s ideally a 100% pollution-free, which is never the case.

So the first band is from 0 – 150 which lie in the category of great. The second band is from 150 – 300 which lie in the category of Good. The third band is from 300-450 which lie in the category of Fair. Finally, the fourth band is in the category is the rating greater than 450, which is in the category of poor!

The more you are towards the rating of great, the Bluer your LED will lit. Similarly the more you’re towards the rating of poor, the redder your LED will lit. Moreover, from the bottom, the height of the LEDs lit will tell you the intensity of good or bad.

Measures Several Pollutants and Labels Spikes

Foobot air quality device measures all the necessary pollutants that may immediately harm you. It measures the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds, known primarily as VOCs. These are chemical pollutants that are caused by the burning of gas for cooking or using personal care products like hair sprays, perfumes and so on.

Furthermore, it measures CO2 and CO contents in the air. CO is known as the “silent killer” and CO2 is generally what makes us tired and sleepy. Having both these compounds as less as possible in the house would be healthy.

It also measures the particulate matter in the air like dust and such. It measures temperature and humidity to let you know if the optimal conditions are met. The right amount of temperature and humidity will be high enough to not cause dryness and rash. On the other hand, low enough to not facilitate the growth of bacteria.

Ergonomic and Handy Controls

Foobot air quality device has intuitive and handy controls. If you want to turn Bluetooth pairing on, you just have to flip the device upside down. How easy is that! Moreover, just knock on the device twice and the Foobot will send readings to your phone. It is a useful feature that saves time and is quicker than opening the app to see what the lights have to say.

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Valuable Tips and Ability to Sync

Foobot is all about altering your habit altogether. It helps you lead a better and healthier lifestyle, without any extra cost. Foobot air quality device gives you amazing tips. These tips are about the actions that could be taken to nullify the potential pollution in the surrounding. For example, it may insist you ventilate the room by opening windows. It may insist to turn on the fan to circulate the air. It may ask you to avoid using products with potentially harmful VOCs. Products like perfume or cleaning products. The tips aren’t as detailed as they could be, though.

Pros and Cons

  • Quick response to air changes
  • Precise and accurate readings
  • Ergonomic and intuitive controls
  • Ability to sync with other smart devices
  • Detection of harmful VOCs
  • No LCD to display readings directly
  • Expensive

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Device – Performance

Foobot air quality device, when initially set up, requires a period of 6 days to calibrate properly. This makes sure that it judges the normal environment of the house. It’s done so that in cases where an anomaly occurs like the new paint in the house or a new perfume used nearby, it calibrates itself back to normal quickly.

That is after the said anomaly is over. When an operation is done, the Foobot instantly responds with the right amount of LED lighting. This operation may include, using perfume, cleaner, opening a window, turning on a gas stove and such. A knock-knock on it gives the result to the cellular device, too.


Foobot’s Compatibility with Smart Home Services

The best part about Foobot air quality device is its ability to sync with smart home devices, like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and so on. It is possible to take action yourself when Foobot intimates you of a potential pollution threat. However, as a busy person, I rather prefer for things to be automatic.

Foobot having this functionality increases the number of people who can use this device without an issue. You could be either someone who can afford smart devices around yourself. You could also be someone who prefers to adopt manually doable habits which are budget friendly. In either case, the Foobot air quality device is for you.

The IFTTT channel that Foobot incorporates allows you to program analog actions. These actions are based on digital readings it records on a spreadsheet. On that note, even if you do not have a smart device, it is most useful to track the statistical factors of readings noted. These statistical factors include variance and mean of the readings. Thus it gives you an overall idea about the environment you’re living in.

Should I buy Foobot?

It depends on many factors, out of which the first you will be noticing is the value. The Foobot is no doubt an expensive device. Mostly due to the standalone passive functions that it performs, solely. But, its features are essential to actually start making a change in your environment.

The change you make can be manual and it will help you just as much, albeit with a bit more hard work. On the other hand, if you can afford smart devices, then IFTTT integration is a great feature to have. It will automate your house system so you can stay in clean air twenty-four hours and seven days a week. It’s a very handy little device that doesn’t take much away from your décor, if anything, it adds to it.

Foobot air quality device has intuitive controls and has great app functionality. It allows you to live in a cleaner and healthier environment. It therefore highly improves your efficiency of work and quality of lifestyle.

The price that this device has is the only thing that would be standing between your current lifestyle and a healthier one. For the benefits that you will receive once you own this device, you will yourself see why it is worth it.