Airthings Wave Plus Indoor Air Quality Meter: an in-depth review

Airthings Wave Plus Indoor Air Quality Meter: an in-depth review

Do you know how TVOCs can affect your health? They can cause serious health problems. Unfortunately, many people ignore this fact and don’t care about the quality of the air that surrounds them.

What could possibly a reason for this negligence? It might be because we assume indoor air is better and healthier as compared to the outdoors. Well, this is just a myth. Sometimes air inside our home, office, or any other building usually contains a higher amount of pollutants.

This fact forces us to keep a check on our surrounding air. But, how can we know if the quality of air is good or not? Luckily, we have efficient devices to measure air quality. Wondering what this device is? It is an indoor air quality meter. This gadget examines the surrounding air and informs us about the condition.

It might be difficult for you to opt for the right air quality measuring device. That’s why; I’m going to describe all the important aspects of Airthings 2930 Wave Plus indoor air quality meter. The comprehensive review would assist you a lot in understanding it’s working and making the right decision.

Quick Summary

Are you health-conscious person, and seriously want to fix air quality around you? Take a deep breath. The solution is here!

You must be looking for some device that can offer intensive care. This care should be in terms of identifying critical air quality factors. The more factors it could identify the better it would be.

Luckily, there is a device with the name Airthings 2930 that can fix almost all your worries. You won’t need to scare terrible diseases anymore when this Indoor Air Quality Meter is here. It possesses a sensor for six dangerous factors including the radioactive one Radon. It would also provide all the information in detail. Thus, you can eliminate the culprits enhancing the number of pollutants inside your home.

airthings indoor air Quality meter

Design & Build

By looking at its shape, it feels like a typical smoke sensor. However, I must admit, it is a decent piece with multiple appreciable features.

The thing distinguishing about its design is its LED indicator. Unlike many other indoor air quality meter devices, it is round in shape and goes nicely at the center of the device.

On passing by the device, you would just need to wave your hand over it. It will give a clear indication of the air quality status.

The device shows a green color for the all-set condition. It will give a yellow color signal to show some pollutants presence. However, the red color would indicate the dangerous state of air quality. You would then need to take some serious actions.

Regarding its build, it is somehow versatile as well. It is because; you can either mount it or put it simply anywhere. Thus, you are free to attach it on your walls, ceiling or simple shelves. However, it would be better to place it at accessible spots. In this way, you would be able to wave easily to see color indications. It is also very simple to install this Indoor Air Quality Meter. All you would need to do is, install 2 AA batteries and follow simple instructions in order to make it work.

Airthings Indoor Air Quality Meter Features

Which trait makes Airthings 2930 Indoor Air Quality Meter stands among other products? It is its ability to detect radon and five other critical pollutants. Moreover, it is Smart, and it offers you complete control over your environment. Its user-friendly attributes are other boons besides aiding you in improving your home’s health.


  • Detects Radon
  • Measures six factors including VOCs and CO2.
  • Offers smooth installation
  • User-friendly functioning
  • Provides data in detail
  • Wide compatibility
  • Comes with free app
  • Uses color codes to give signals
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.2 and above

Radon detection

The feature that you would find unique in this Indoor Air Quality Meter is its Radon detection. Basically, Radon is a radioactive gas. At this point, you must be wondering how it enters our homes.

The answer is very simple yet astonishing. It comes from the ground. As uranium decay inside the soil creates radon, any opening towards your home will make you vulnerable too. In a few instances, it could even reach a dangerous level and becomes the reason for deadly diseases.

Airthings indoor Air Quality Meter understood this danger. That’s why manufacturers have put a Radon detector in this device. It would not only identify the presence, but it will also give proper signals along with detailed information.

Crucial factor identification

Radon detection is not the only thing that this incredible Indoor Air Quality Meter can do. It can identify five more air quality factors. These are TVOCs, CO2, humidity, air pressure, and temperature. These days it is very common to use a variety of chemicals inside our homes. No matter, what we do, we can’t avoid them altogether.

We spread pollutants with our cooking, pesticides, sprays, perfumes, and what not. Well, all these chemical usages ask for having proper safety measures. One of them is installing reliable and trustworthy monitor like Airthings 2930.

airthings indoor air Quality meter2

Clear signals

The Airthings 2930 Indoor Air Quality Meter comes with a LED ring in its center. What is the purpose? It gives color-coded signals to inform about the air quality situation.

If all six factors are present at a safe or normal range, the led will emit green light. In case of any problem, it gives a visual indication in yellow color. However, it will give off red light in case of dangerous levels.

In-depth details

This is another remarkable feature of Airthings 2930 Indoor Air Quality Meter. In order to let you read data, it gives mobile as well as a web app. The later one rather gives a more inclusive view.

You can check the statistics while using its free app. It will not only provide the current situation but the previous one as well. You can check the data for the previous day, week, month, and even year.

Pros and Cons

  • With its ability to detect radon along with five other parameters, it provides complete protection to your home.
  • Because of its ease of use, almost anyone can operate it perfectly.
  • As it offers wide compatibility, you can even use it with your home’s other smart devices.
  • It provides detailed previous and present air quality data. Thus, you can take proper preventive measures accordingly.
  • This Indoor Air Quality Meter comes with a simple installation process.
  • It takes at least seven days to start measuring all parameters accurately.
  • It might lose data on adding another device.

Airthings 2930 – Performance

Airthings 2930 Indoor Air Quality Meter gives real-time indications. In case of noticing any change in air quality factors, it gives signs instantly. However, you would need to wave your hand on it to check the color signal status.

You can also trust this device to give accurate measurements. The best thing about this Indoor Air Quality Meter’s performance is its Radon detection. Moreover, it provides all data in its free apps. You can use it on both mobile as well as a web app.

It identifies the presence of air quality factors and keeps observing their values. You can find all previous values in their data. The good thing is that it can even provide you data for the previous year.

Its way of presenting data is simple and easy to understand. It gives graphs for each of its six air quality factors. You can even click them individually to know more about their levels.

In these graphs, it even provides you the exact value, date, and time of any of its parts, if you hover over it. With its real-time performance, this device can truly help you in tracking the cause of pollutants.

airthings indoor air Quality meter1

Airthings 2930 Compatibility with Smart Home Services

In this Smart World, we usually prefer smart devices. This Airthings 2930 Indoor Air Quality Meter doesn’t lack in this aspect as well.

This device is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFFTT. It also provides connectivity via Bluetooth 4.2 or later. Well, what’s the benefit?

In this way, it can assist you in synchronizing your other smart home devices with this meter. You can then take appropriate actions by using voice command. This feature is truly going to help in making your home a truly Smart one.

Should I buy Airthings 2930?

I would say yes only if my health is important to me.

With the increasing number of chemicals, the number of diseases is also rising. We can see more and more people are suffering from air pollutants. Did you know? 1.3 million people per year die due to outdoor air pollution worldwide.

It is, therefore, the need of an hour to take steps to minimize the pollutants in your home. This Airthings Indoor Air Quality Meter is a great help in this regard. It can not only measure radon but other five air quality parameters as well.

The device can further assist you in keeping careful track of the causes that enhance pollution. It is because it provides very minute details in its free apps. You might feel its price a bit higher, but if it gives you protection against radon, it truly worth it.